Books and Inspiration

Thanks again for visiting Footfairy. Here are some of my favourites and some that I’ve still to read myself. Enjoy!

Tony Porter’s ART
Advanced Reflexology Techniques

Tony Porter’s The Practice and philosophy of Advanced Reflexology Techniques (ART) – This is the Advanced Reflexology Techniques seminar textbook, which explains the philosophy and techniques of ART. It is a compilation of the ART seminar teaching as taught by ART founder Anthony Porter.
The author Tony Porter describes ART as “an advancement of the original concept”.

Tony Porter Advanced Reflexology Techniques (ART) DVD
This DVD is great for those of us who are visual learners and like to see techniques demonstrated but can’t make it to the seminars. The techniques are clearly demonstrated. The DVD is organised in chapters making it easy to navigate. It has sections on the body systems e.g. endocrine, skeletal…so it’s easy to skip between sections or refresh your memory on particular holds or movements.

5 Elements and Reflexology